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About us

Mrs. Subashree is a first-generation entrepreneur (ATRI HEALTH PRODUCTS) and she underwent Entrepreneurship training in medicinal and aromatic plants in ICAR-DMAPR, Anand Gujarat in the year 2020-2021.

She is also an incubatee of this institution and is working with ICAR-DMAPR team on a few product ideas (such as Nano Herbal De- Odorizer) that aims to promote green environment and enable farmers to cultivate medicinal herbs.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi mentioned Subashree’s name and her contribution in herbal terrace garden and herbal products in Man Ki Baat program in Sept 2021.

She was also profiled in The Hindu as well.

Also Subashree underwent training in bio technology and bio products, conducted by WEPA (Women Entrepreneurship Promotional Association) in association with SIDBI, Chennai during the year 2004.

Mrs. Subashree is post graduate in science (Physics) and has been studying traditional medicine and practices in Siddha (considered to be amongst one of the oldest system of natural medicine) for the past 10 years. Her innate knowledge in horticulture, deep understanding of herbs has enabled her to integrate the fundamental principles of Siddha medicine combining the health benefits of Indian herbs, traditional home medicine practices to identify a range of products in various industries such as Functional Health Foods, Organic Fertilizers and constituents and Herbal based Cosmetic Products.

Mrs. Subashree maintains a terrace garden with rich bio diversity ranging from growing rare medicinal herbs, vegetables and flowers and also has a nursery for the rare medicinal plants. The terrace garden and nursery right now has more than 400 types of medicinal herbs, some of them rare species and to be conserved for future. She also maintains a native seed bank of vegetables and herbal plants endemic to our country.

Her vision for our country is to build and nurture herbal bio parks as “biodiversity spots”, which will enable showcasing rich collection of Indian medicinal herbs, encouraging research and development on those herbs that can treat and cure diseases, demonstrate the rich heritage of our country to our children.

School children and Siddha/Ayurveda college students as part of field trips visit ATRI Herbal Terrace Garden

Mrs. Subashree provides training for setting up, management of terrace garden by sharing her expert knowledge as a practitioner. She has setup herbal terrace garden for individuals and for corporate and educational institutions, has setup thematic herbal plants/trees biodiversity parks

Mrs. Subashree was interviewed in Makkal TV as well as Pudhiya Thalamarai for her efforts in championing terrace garden, herbal plants and organic fertilizers

Mrs. Subashree is very passionate about products that she has identified and she believes the range of products that she has advocated presents a mutually inclusive business model and that will resonate with and enable “Health in Harmony”.

Her academic knowledge in science has rightly ensured that her products stand testimony to scientific analysis and reports. The company’s flagship product “Health Mix” has been scientifically tested and validated for nutritional analysis with SGS India (

She has rightly chosen Atri Maharishi as her teacher and named her company as “ATRI Health Products” with its tagline “Health in Harmony” in line with what ATRI Maharishi propitiated.

Mrs Subashree has widely appeared in many articles in newspapers and has provided interviews to various TV channels as subject matter expert in the areas of setting up and management of Terrace Gardens, cultivating and usage of native Indian medicinal herbs for healthier living.

Medicinal Herbs in our Nursery

Herbal Nursery consists of common herbs which have been used in our traditional cooking and also in traditional cosmetic preparations. Following are our key motivation to grow Indian medicinal herbs –

  • Revival of our ancient medical practices
  • Revival of our native plant species and varieties
  • Create awareness among people about the importance of our native plant varieties and organic farming practices
  • Promote urban herbal gardens in form of parks, terrace gardens
  • Motivate children to grow medicinal herbs and understand their uses in everyday life
  • Enable urban society to know the importance of terrace garden
Mrs. Subashree, Founder of Atri Products


ATRI Health Products & Nursery believes in nurturing the nature to enable a balanced health in harmony and wellbeing by integrating preserving and propagating traditional Indian Herbs that has been grown and cultivated in our country for ages. We believe wellbeing is about health that is in harmony within your body, mind and soul as much with the nature around you.

Towards this ATRI Nursery today has a very good collection of native Indian medicinal plants and a seed bank

Our nursery aims to educate and propagate growing/cultivating and nurturing of these medicinal herbs in cities and villages

We believe in encouraging people and institutions to grow medicinal herbs in terrace gardens and setting up herbal parks. ATRI is currently maintaining organic terrace garden in its offices (in Chennai and Madurai) with around 250 types of medicinal herbs native and endemic to our region.

In this regard, we have already set up herbal parks with prestigious institutions such as Madura College – Madurai, Velammal Schools – Chennai, Vanavani School (part of IIT) – Chennai.

We believe institutions, by setting up and nurturing herbal parks will go a long way in inculcating pride in our students about our country and encourage them to actively pursue research to understand our medicinal herbs.